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A Candid Letter to my clients

Somewhere between high school and motherhood, I lost myself. More than once. Time and again, I went on a journey to find myself, only to realize I was living for everyone else. Simply Liz Photography is a reflection of me and my story—a story which is still being written.

Born and raised in Allentown, PA, I will say I did not expect to miss Allentown how I did. I ventured to the south for college and continued on a Southern trajectory via the U.S. Army for the next chapter of life. Along the way came Jack + Charlie—and along the way I pursued my life of photography and of documenting life’s quirks, and ups, and downs.


In 2015, Simply Liz Photography was born in Fayetteville, NC as I concluded my last year of active duty service and transitioned to the Georgia National Guard. In 2017, I relocated to Allentown, wanting to raise my boys back at home. I missed the food, the people, the landscapes, the snow and the sweaters—boy did I miss sweaters.

In 2017, Charlie developed a rash that never went away— Very long story later, Charlie was diagnosed with strep and subsequently, PANDAS-Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropathic Disorders Associated with Strep. Much of the time, the struggle. was. real. But quitting isn’t an option and moms don’t get sick days. And through some of our darkest days, my camera clicked away and spoke for me.
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I like to think. I tell stories in pictures—not just mine but all of yours. Because I don’t think—I know—that most of us put ourselves last. We are the play makers; behind the scenes and generally, behind the camera phone. Simply Liz Photography is about stepping out in front and putting yourself first. Even if it is just for one day. In trying to heed this advice myself, I realized I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Receiving the best medical care to treat Charlie’s PANDAS, and getting to replant the seeds of Simply Liz that originally sprouted in Southern soil, back to my roots here in Pennsylvania.

It’s 2019, and I’m excited for it. I’m excited for the future, to raise my children in such a wonderful place, to eat Yocco’s and Parma Pizza whenever I want, and to have the opportunity to tell your story. Because Simply Liz Photography isn’t about me—it’s about you.



“At SimplyLiz, it is important to help in whatever way we can to make this world a happier place, especially through photography. That is why we are proud supporters of SD Gunner, OpLove (Operation: Love Reunited), and Gold Hope Project. These charities offer unique and timeless gifts to those who are suffering, and SimplyLiz makes it a priority to assist these wonderful organizations. You can be a part of these great causes by visiting their websites and donating today!”
SD Gunner
Charity - SD Gunner
Gold Hope Project
Charity - Gold Hope Project
PANDAS Network
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