Giving Back

Defined as the act of giving money, food or other kinds of help to people who are poor, sick, etc. The truth is, I’ve received more than my fair share of help to get where I am today. When “they” say it takes a village, it really does. Not just to parent, but to live. Somewhere along the way, a stubborn me realized that by opening my heart to receive help, I would open my eyes to ways to give back. I can’t possibly list all of the people who had a hand in launching my dreams forward, but I can say that I had an angel for a mother. A nature born care giver, she cared for me and my three siblings + pretty much all of our friends + extended family, while serving as the president of her volunteer organization. Watching her serve her community through the arts undoubtedly fostered a spirit of generosity I still look back on and smile.

And after childhood came life. And life definitely threw challenges my was, as life does sometimes. Some, I’m not ready to discuss, but as I continue to find my voice, those experiences will continue to unfold. Keep an eye on my journal (hyperlink to journal) and perhaps it will inspire you to reclaim a voice that may have been lost somewhere along the way. I invite you to scroll through the four organizations below and learn a bit about why they hold a special place in my heart. When you choose Simply Liz, you also choose to give 10% back to one of four organizations I strongly support.

Operation Love ReUnited

A veteran of the U.S. Army, I served as personnel officer responsible for deployment and redeployment operations. ceremonies, and many events involving family members of fellow soldiers. In this capacity, I witnessed many breathtaking hellos + heart wrenching good byes. This organization provides free photography sessions to the men + women who continue to serve—voluntarily and selflessly—day in and day out. This organization gives this gift to families who say good bye not knowing if that good bye will be their last. And this organization celebrates the long overdue helps as soldiers return home from wars that are still being fought all over the world. Click here if you are a military family interested in booking an OpLove Session. If you are a photographer and would like more information on volunteering, please let me know. We must continue to grow to serve the need of those who graciously serve us.


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The Gold Hope Project

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SD Gunnar Fund

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